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I Gave Bad Directions to David Sedaris and All I Got was This Lousy T-Shirt

Somerville Open Studios is officially over, and I'm exhausted, but by god it was fun.

Friday was wholly consumed by last-minute preparations and the affixing of arbitrary prices to various pieces of artwork.

Saturday's show started at noon, but I got there at 10:00 a.m. to begin setting up, and let me just tell you, it took the entire two hours. This was my first experience with manning a table, so I didn't really know quite how to lay everything out for maximum effect. This meant a lot of "Hmm. Should this go here? Or maybe it looks better over here. No, wait. I need that space for this." I learned a great deal about what people are willing to do to find out how much something costs, or indeed to get a closer look at something they like. It doesn't matter whether or not you've encased everything in plastic for maximum handlability, most people have been trained not to touch the art, so you can't just put a bunch of similar things in a stack because no one will pick it up and rifle through it.

I shared my exhibit space with three other artists, Elana Rubenstein of the stained glass, Megan Kreigel (whose name I probably just misspelled) of the nude wedding baby photography, and Tiffany Sedaris of the mosaic tiles. Yes, that Tiffany Sedaris. Her famous brother was in town for the This American Life tour and was supposed to come by at 5:00 (when we were supposed to be packing up for the night) to view her work. She waited for awhile, but the security guard doing the locking up of the valuables wanted to go home, so finally she had to take everything down. She and her crew departed, somewhat dissapointed.

morekitsch and I, meanwhile, were supposed to be meeting a friend of mine at the exhibit location for dinner and a concert. We waited and waited, but saw no sign of her. What we did see was a short, exasperated-looking fellow trying the locked doors and then turning away in frustration. I ran out to him and said, "You're looking for Tiffany, aren't you?" David Sedaris replied, "Yes, do you know where she went?" He knew her address, and I knew the street, but unfortunately for him I have abysmal directional skills and a strong desire to be helpful to those who are trying desperately to get somewhere but don't know how to do it. I later thought of many things I could have told him to do, like use the pay phone over there, or you're really close just get in a cab and the driver will know where it is, but I am absolutely horrible at directing people to places when I'm put on the spot and I can't think of simple things like these. Instead, I tell them to go in the exact opposite direction of where I should be sending them, realize my mistake many hours later, and hope to god that I don't ever see them again so they won't yell at me for getting them even more lost.

The next day I was able to put my anxiety to rest when I learned that David had found his way to his sister's house in spite of my "help" (I believe he figured out the cab option on his own), so it all turned out okay in the end. Oh, and my tardy friend? Was at the afternoon performance of... can you guess? The This American Life tour. Apparently it had been running late, hence David's delay.

The concert we went to featured a forty-something blues band called Sex Bomb as the first opening act. They were okay, but their single fan was so very much worth sitting through their set. We called him the Dancing Man, and he moved a lot like the dad from Strictly Ballroom, and even bore a striking resemblance to him. He was a great deal of fun to watch. The second band, Elefant, desperately wanted to be stadium-worthy 1980's British New Wave pop stars, to the point of sounding exactly like some bands of that era (othniel77 or cemeterygates would have known which ones instantly, though I found myself unable to come up with the names), and, more annoyingly, using fake British accents. The headliner, Cousteau, put on a very good show, and it was quite a relief to hear a band with some actual musical ability.

So anyway, Day Two was financially more successful than Day One, possibly in part because I had figured out a much better way of displaying my wares. The Tiny Monsters were a big (ha ha) success, prompting me to think I should devote more of my web site to them. I need to revamp the Drawings & Paintings section anyway, might as well start with the monsters. I'm hoping to have them available at the Cambridge Comix Festival in two weeks, though I'm not sure how much space I'll have.

All in all a fantastic weekend, though one that was low on rest, and I am now thoroughly tuckered out, donchew know. And the dayjob still demands my presence, so I'm going to try not to obsess too much over my excessive use of commas in this post.
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