Dylan Edwards (NDR) (ndrtoon) wrote,
Dylan Edwards (NDR)

Transposes: Adam's Story - Page 14 Pencils

Bleah. Please allow me to apologize for not getting a listing up for the Transposes preview book for those of you who want to buy it from me online. I came down with a cold this week and am very sick right now. Getting up long enough to post this update is a bit much. Since my top priority is NOT being sick for San Diego (because how much would THAT suck), I am pretty much jettisoning most tasks that do not involve getting better as quickly as possible. So, if you want to buy the preview comic and are not going to SDCC and want me to hold one for you, please just email me and I'll set one aside. They're $3.00 plus $1.00 shipping (for US addresses, for elsewhere please ask and I'll figure it out), and consist of the penciled pages for Adam's story, character bios, and page 1 pencils for Blake's story.

At any rate, here's the next page of said Adam pencils.

Cut due to image size and to avoid spoilerizing for folks who want to wait for the finished book to read the whole thing.

The story so far
Tags: adam's story, art, comics, the book, transposes
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