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Transposes - Adam's Story page 16

Several announcements today, but let's take care of the final page of Adam's story first:

The story so far

So there it is. One chapter of the book in its penciled form. And I have finally, at long last, put the preview books containing this chapter up for sale online:

- Transposes Preview Book

As you can see upon clicking that link, you have two options: you can get just the book (which includes the 16 pages of Adam's story, bios of the other characters, page 1 of Blake's story, and a nifty full-color cover), or you can get the book plus a little piece of preliminary art. When I repeat panels in a story, rather than cutting and pasting with a computer like a sane person, I trace the panel onto vellum and then transfer it with blue carbon paper. So I wind up with all these pieces of vellum with art from the book traced onto them. The Deluxe Edition nets you one or two of these (depending on the size and complexity of the panels in question). Right now I have vellum panels from Adam's story and Blake's story available, and I'm sure other characters will pop up as I progress with the art for the book.

Speaking of which, I've finished penciling Blake's chapter and am currently working on Avery's. Concurrently, I'm storyboarding the introduction for the book, so there is much afoot here.

Also also, a couple of show announcements. I'm in an art show that is up now at the Hideout in downtown Austin, and have two Austin conventions coming up: ArmadilloCon (August 27-29), and Austin Comic Con (November 12-14). More deets on these shows are to be found on my events page.

I think that's it for now. Plenty enough, surely!

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