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Madness? It still reigns supreme.

I meant to post an update on the book, like, a week ago, but things have been ... what's the word ... MAD?

They've been mad in the sort of way where I didn't do any work last Saturday and I felt guilty about taking a whole entire day off.

Needless to say, taking a moment to post a journal entry has not really been super-feasible. But anyhow. Here's the deal:

Last Thursday I spoke with Outgoing Editor and Incoming Editor, and I.E. seems very nice and think we'll get along fine. We discussed an overall timeline for finishing the book, and decided having the whole mess turned in by May or June of 2011 was reasonable. That would put the publication date in the Spring/Summer of 2012. So I was only off by a couple of years! [Important lesson learned: never announce a publication date before you've even started the project. I would feel more guilty about this, except George R.R. Martin.]

Anyway. This schedule sounds fairly reasonable to me. Pencils would be done by March or April. Inking goes very fast, and shading is usually not more than a couple hours per page. (By contrast, penciling takes me anywhere from 2-4 days per page, working in increments of 1-3 hours.)

At this moment I have three chapters penciled, and am currently drawing away on the intro. I just drew myself getting kicked in the butt. It was a little surreal, honestly. I feel weird drawing myself. But hey, maybe this means I can update my damn user icon sometime soon.

Okay, time to go. More later, perhaps!
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