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Time for another book update, no?

First off, here's page 1 of the pencils for the book's introduction:

Got a huge amount of work done on the last couple of chapters I had still needed to script and storyboard. I'm about two-thirds of the way through scribbling out the storyboard images, so probably in a week or so I'll have more or less the whole book storyboarded. This probably doesn't sound all that exciting to you, but trust me, it's a big deal.

For me, the writing is the part that requires the most mental gymnastics and the longest stretches of monastic solitude. It's been difficult to carve out time to write these last couple of chapters, because getting into the correct headspace takes time, and other obligations pull me out of it (things like, you know, earning money to pay bills and buy food and other trivialities). But revisions to a storyboarded chapter don't require nearly the same amount of gear-shifting, so it's easier to rework and refine once I've transformed the raw material into a script.

Also also, the penciled chapters have now been given the editorial eyeball and are a gnat's wing away from being ready to ink. Looks like Henry's chapter is next in the queue for penciling, so things do indeed proceed apace.
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