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So, let's see. Three chapters plus the introduction are penciled, one chapter and the intro are officially ready for ink, a fourth chapter is in pencils even now, and the remaining three chapters are storyboarded (with one fast approaching pencil-ready and the other two still in the "needs work" category). My editor has all the storyboarded chapters right now, and I'm awaiting her commentary before proceeding further.

My current to-do list:

- finish pencils on Henry's chapter (hopefully by the end of the month)
- fix that one panel in Adam's chapter so the pencils can go to production for proofreading before inking
- ink the intro and Blake's pencils
- get final approval on Avery's pencils

I inked one page of the intro yesterday so I can get it ready for the STAPLE! anthology. It actually felt weird to ink at first, after doing nothing but storyboards and pencils for the last couple of years*. I had a "this is it" feeling - finalizing the page for reals, and oh no if you fuck it up you will RUIN EVERYTHING. So I started fairly gingerly, but then remembered pretty quickly that inking is my favorite part and got into the groove.

* I did ink several non-book things, including an untold number of feep drawings and a couple of one-pagers. But the build-up for those projects was far, far less, so it didn't register in quite the same way. So it's not that my inking skillz have gone rusty, but rather that the road to this stage has been a long and challenging one, and inking is a very significant destination.
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