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Just your friendly neighborhood book update

Here we have the current page count:

Pages penciled: 77/90
Pages inked: 26/90
Pages finished: 2/90

[These totals are for story pages only, and do not include cover, chapter title pages, copyright page, etc.]

Not a whole lot of time for inking this week, as I spent quite awhile working on my Author Questionnaire and AP&M (which I think stands for Advance Promotion and Marketing, but I don't feel like looking it up just at the moment). Anyway, these are for Beacon Press to use for actual pimpage of the book, and to help craft things like back cover copy and all that jazz. Kind of fascinating, really, as I've never done this part of the process before, and it's the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff you don't usually hear about. Probably because it's mostly just paperwork and is therefore not terribly sexy, but it's at least exciting for me.

I have tried as much as possible NOT to spend too much time thinking about promotion, as it's distracting from my most important goal right now, which is finishing the damn book so there's actually something to promote. But it's helpful to remember at the end of all this there will be excitement and fun. My life has been all about work for the last three years, and it's energizing to remember that it won't always be about chaining myself to the drafting table.
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