Dylan Edwards (NDR) (ndrtoon) wrote,
Dylan Edwards (NDR)

Where I'm at now

Yeah, I haven't posted here in forever, and don't foresee regular posting here again. Pretty sure no one reads here anymore anyway (hence the not-posting). But in the event you used to follow me here and wish to follow me once more, I do the Twitter thing these days: @DylanNDREdwards.

Anyway, my book Transposes is out from Northwest Press and you can purchase it at your leisure.

Politically InQueerect is updating Wednesdays on Tapastic (mostly remastering old strips in prep for an eventual book collection, though there is some new material in the pipeline as well).

I'm working on a queer fantastical science* story for an awesome anthology called Beyond, which is gonna be all queer SF/F, and is slated for publication in 2014. So great. So great!

I'm also writing rather feverishly on a fantastical science epic which shall take me many years to complete. It will be big and queer and full of weird sciency things.

* "Fantastical Science" = made up but semi-plausible (or, at least, internally consistent) world with weird monsters because evolution took different directions there than it did here.
Tags: comics, transposes
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