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The Feepmaster Speaks

Toiling in Obscurity since 1999

Dylan Edwards (NDR)
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Yeah, I haven't posted here regularly in forever. Pretty sure no one reads here anymore anyway (hence the not-posting). But in the event you used to follow me here and wish to follow me once more, I do the Twitter thing these days: @DylanNDREdwards.

Anyway, my book Transposes is out from Northwest Press and you can purchase it at your leisure:

The full run of Politically InQueerect can be read online over at Tapastic. There's also a comic collecting the entire "Old Ghosts" story, as well as some of my favorite other PiQue comics, published by Northwest Press in 2015. Purchase that one also at your leisure:

My new webcomic project is a queer YA sci-fi series called Valley of the Silk Sky, updates on Wednesdays. You should read it!

I have a Valley of the Silk Sky short story in an awesome anthology called Beyond, which is gonna be all queer SF/F, and is slated for publication in 2015. So great. So great!

So that's where it's at. More linkitude:

I write and draw comics.

I sculpt monsters:

The feeps have a tumblr blog:

The Feeping Creatures Etsy store shows the inventory of Feeps currently available for sale.

Most of my cartoons are queer-themed and aimed at mature audiences (not adults-only per se, but not for kids). The feeps are all-ages.
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