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Big Bad Book Update

I guess it's been awhile. But, to be fair, I haven't been posting because I've been working on the damn book. So here's the status of things:

Pencils are done on Intro, Adam, Blake, Avery, Henry, and Cal. A couple of those still need to be vetted by the guys and my editor and the production staff.

Storyboards are in process on Aaron/James. I have a meeting with my editor on Monday to discuss the current round and figure out what needs to be did to make it pencil-ready.

I've drawn everything I can draw for the moment, so I'm busy inking the stuff that's ready to be inked. I've also scanned Cal's pencils, but need to clean up the scans and do the lettering.

So that's about it. Approximately 75% of the pencils are finished, which is by far the most labor-intensive part of the process. If you're wondering when the whole thing will be 100% finished, I can tell you only that my current thinking is August. You will be able to purchase it about a year after that. This date subject to change, like all other dates thus far. Also, next time someone asks me how long it will take me to do a book from start to finish, instead of saying, "Oh, about a year, I guess," I will say, "Forever and ever."

(Despite my generic grumpiness, I'm actually pretty jazzed about where things stand. Inking is very satisfying, though it is kind of weird to ink pages I drew a year ago.)

If you are a huge nerd and want more info about the process in mind-numbing detail, may I refer you to my website, which I still mostly update once a week. http://www.studiondr.com/scoop.html will tell you all about the gross inefficiency with which I do this thing.
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